Editors hone their skills in Media content and Editorial Management

The Media High Council, last week trained editors from different media houses operating in Rwanda on Media content and editorial management, with the aim of helping them understand the process required for effective editing which can be applied to any written content or communications.

The raining organised in partnership with The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was held in Musanze District from 10th-14th March 2020.

It was attended by 31 editors who were taken through the process of editing using examples and exercises and reminded of the ethics that govern their profession as journalists.

Urinzwenimana Michee, the Chief Editor at the Express News Rwanda said that during this training he was able to identify some of the mistakes he used to make in editing without even realising it.

“I gained the skills and ability to identify the appropriate content for my online newspaper and respecting the editorial line while editing. This was also an opportunity to work on my ability to lead a team and manage time” He added.

Mahoro Claudine, the Chief Editor at TV10 said that before this training she used to focus on news editing thus leaving behind other programmes broadcasted by this TV station, but now she is committed to making sure journalists have written prepared content, and that are edited before being broadcasted or aired.

The Executive Secretary of the Media High Council, Peacemaker Mbungiramihigo, compared the training to an editors retreat because they were not only taken into deep editing but came together and build a network that committed to playing a major role in revolutionizing the media industry in Rwanda.

“The changes you are committed to bringing will only be achieved if your work as a team, you need to engage your editorial teams and share the knowledge and skills you gained with other editors who were not able to attend this training.” He added.

Mbungiramihigo said that the Media High Council will continue to partner with different organizations and institutions to build the capacity of editors and journalists for Rwanda to have the media that play a great role in the country’s development.

All 31 editors were given a certificate as proof that they completed the training successfully.


Prepared by: MUKANEZA Marie Ange

Public Relations & Communication Officer