Welcome Note from the Executive Secretary

I pleasantly invite you to the portal of the Media High Council (MHC). As you will note, the MHC is a public institution responsible for building media capacity. Its organization, responsibilities and functions are defined by Law N º03/2013 of 08/02/2013. 

Specifically, we advocate for, initiate and implement policies and strategies that enable the media sector to adapt to modern global media trends while enhancing its capacity to contribute to national development through informed, responsible, impartial, objective and quality reporting.

How do we do that? We do this by partnering with other institutions to mobilize resources that facilitate us to advocate for the media, train journalists and enhance capacity in the sector as a whole. We also regularly conduct research that help to develop scientific understanding of the media landscape in the country, identifying gaps and needs in the sector as well as how to fix them.

In collaboration with national, regional, and international institutions with similar or related responsibilities, the Media High Council also promotes the understanding of and promotion of Rwandan values and culture in the media.

The work and commitment to building the capacity of journalists and media outlets by the MHC is further proof, if any were needed of the Government of Rwanda’s determination to enabling a free, independent, professional and responsible media in the country.

Through perusing our website, we hope you will be able to get a better understanding of our programs, which includes training journalists and media practitioners, advocacy work and research. I also invite you to read articles and our research findings relating to the state of the media in the country.

Once again, welcome to the MHC website and enjoy reading.