The MHC is constituted by two organs, namely:

The Board of Directors: The highest decision making organ of the Media High Council 

Executive Secretariat: The organ in charge of running and managing the daily activities of the MHC. 

The board of directors is composed of 7 members ( Click here to view Board members). The Board of Directors shall have the following main responsibilities:

1° to provide strategic vision of MHC;

2° to direct and take decisions;

3° to approve the action plan;

4° to approve the internal rules and regulations of MHC before they are published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda;

5° to approve the draft annual budget proposal of MHC before being submitted to relevant authorities;

6° to evaluate the performance of MHC in accordance with the action plan and the budget;

7° to approve the quarterly and annual activity and financial reports of MHC;

8° to monitor the performance of the Executive Secretariat.

The Executive Secretariat

The Media High Council is headed by the Executive Secretary appointed by the Prime Minister under the Minister’s decree.
This Secretariat is composed of 2 administrative units, namely:

  • Administration and Finance Unit,
  • Media Content,Research & Development unit.

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