Contemporary globalization of media and ICTs encourages the MHC to introduce itself to the international scene and to play an active role by exchanging information, experiences, initiatives and expertise. Exchanges with similar institutions enable the establishment of procedures of handling issues relating to misuse of media freedom and the mechanisms to ensure media development in Rwanda.

The MHC collaborates with a number of local and foreign media organizations, public and private. The first international organization which signed an agreement of partnership with MHC is the International Media Support (IMS) and the National Press Association (NPA) in 2003, and the agreement remained operational until 2004. This collaboration aimed at launching a project that would ensure the monitoring of the media of the 2003 Parliamentary and Presidential elections.

Since 2004, MHC maintains good relationship and collaboration with the Institute PANOS-Paris (IPP). The relationship and collaboration with DDC which began in 2004 came to a close that same year as the organization decided to support the media through IPP. The MHC has worked with UNESCO since 2007 on a capacity building project to strengthen the former in media regulation. It benefited from several training missions related but not limited to media regulation, development of a communication and advocacy strategy among others. The MHC has become a member of the “African Communication and Regulatory Authorities Network (ACRAN)”. 

More informally, MHC maintains close relationship and collaboration with media regulation organs and particularly those in the South, Central, Western and Eastern Africa, including among others the Conseil Superier de la Communication (CSC) of Burkina Faso, Media Council of Kenya, Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority [TCRA], and the Conseil Nationale de la Communication [CNC] of Burundi. It is within this context that the MMP of South Africa has significantly contributed to the strengthening of the capacity of the MHC since 2003. 

To-date, the MHC has secured an agreement with the UNDP/DFID for 1.5 million dollars 3 years project under which a commitment is made to strengthen institutional framework for good governance. This will facilitate the implementation of the MHC Strategic objectives as outlined in this strategic plan of 2008-2012.