Media development and Proffessionalism

Media High Council has under its mandate Capacity building for media managers, editors and practicing journalists. This mandate enables MHC to regularly transfer skills to members of the media profession in the country in-order to build a strong foundation for a responsible and free media practice.
It is imperative to note however that such training and capacity building sessions seldom depend on the availability of resources usually financial and logistical. When these resources get to the disposal of MHC a certain procedure to conduct the sessions is effected.
Information about availability of specific training program is circulated amongst stakeholders and applications for the training are invited. MHC does not invite individual journalist but rather the media houses who in turn nominate candidates to undertake such training sessions
At their discretion, media houses, independent editors and journalists express interest to benefit from such training sessions, giving specific reasons why they choose to benefit from such programs. These reasons must detail among other things:
•    Expected training benefits
•    How one intends to use the training to enhance and strengthen the media practice
•    How appropriate the training is to the individual, his organization and society  
•    How does one intend to share the acquired knowledge with others in the profession.
As it is within the organization’s mandate to conduct regular capacity building sessions, this service at MHC does not attract any cost to the beneficiary of the training program.
Requirements for eligibility include but not limited to:
•    Press Card (mandatory)
•    Practicing the media profession
•    Must be of good public conduct