Genocide Commemorations

The Media High Council (MHC) is an independent public institution constitutionally mandated to regulate the media, promote and protect media freedom and media development. It acquires this mandate from the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of the 4th of June 2003 as amended to-date, Law n° 22/2009 of 12/08/2009 governing the media and law n° 30/2009 of 16/9/2009 determining the mission, organization and functioning of the MHC.

To achieve that mandate, the MHC monitors the media industry and conduct of media practitioners as they abide by professional ethics, media law, as well as various MHC regulations.

Given the role played by the media in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and aware of the corresponding power of the media to transform society for peaceful co-existence and development, the MHC monitors media coverage of all Genocide commemorations across the country.

Below are Genocide Commemoration reports by the Media High Council since it was set up.

 There are other monitoring reports that have been prepared by the Media High Council. They can be downloaded below:

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